Ancillary Equipment

High-quality ancillary equipment including vacuum pumps, filtration systems, distillation equipment, and more

Quality Extraction From End to End

At Precision, we have a comprehensive understanding of the entire extraction process from start to finish. Focusing on optimization, we provide a complete system tailored to your specific needs. With a fully turn-key solution, we can eliminate the common bottlenecks that processors often encounter, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Our post-processing & ancillary extraction equipment includes:


Vacuum Ovens

THC Remediation


Solvent Recovery

Temperature Control Units

Vacuum Pumps

Reactionary Vessels

Refinement Systems

Precision Ancillary & Post-Processing Equipment

Hydrocarbon Distillation Unit (HDU)

Precision's solvent cleaning solution for hydrocarbon extraction.

  • Suitable for butane and propane solvents
  • Minimizing contamination from hydrocarbon extraction by never introducing it into the existing extraction system
  • Maximize efficiency by adding up to 5 additional extraction cycles per day on PX systems*

*Results may vary based on operator experience and paired ancillary equipment.

NEW Diamond Miner

For THC-A and CBD crystallization

  • 1.3 L optimal capacity for concentrate
  • Eliminates the need for mason jars for added safety and consistency
  • Built with premium 304 grade stainless steel
  • 6″ splatter platter for easy removal of diamonds sauce


ASE 100 Solvent Evaporator

For ethanol & alcohol based solvent recovery

  • Up to 98.6% ethanol recovery
  • Continuous feed system
  • Proprietary design for optimal efficiency
  • Tablet and remote monitoring
  • C1D2 Compliant



GC 5000 Gas Compressor

Hydrocarbon solvent recovery pump for butane and propane extractors

  • Recovery speeds from 1-5 lb per minute*
  • NEMA7 switch for easy install and operation
  • Oil-less piston and PTFE seals
  • Minimal maintenance
  • C1D1 Compliant

Chromatography & Remediation Column (CRC) Skid

For inline color remediation and chromatography in hydrocarbon extraction

  • Removes wide range of potential contaminants found in extracts
  • Can be used for targeted isolation of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids
  • Temperature rated to -40 °C
  • Equipped with a surge tank
  • C1D1 compliant

Cascade 20 L Bead Bath with Lab Armor Beads

Upgrade your lab setup with a Cascade Sciences Bead Bath and 15 L of thermal beads. Waterless laboratory bead baths reduce the contamination and messy condensation you see in water baths. Bead baths don't evaporate which improves temperature performance and saves energy.


CWB-30 Deep Water Bath, 30 L

Unique lid design allows condensation to drain back into the tank without spilling onto the work area.

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Partnering with the Pros.

Precision partners with a variety of industry leaders to provide our customers with the best turn-key solutions. We're not just about making your life easier- we know using superior ancillary extraction equipment is critical to making superior cannabis products. Our wide range of solutions will get you ramped up faster with the name and support you trust.

Reach out to speak with a rep regarding product offerings and pricing for third-party equipment solutions.