Cannabis Extraction Training

On-site installation and hands-on training from the experts behind Cascade Sciences, Lab Society, and Precision Extraction.

Fast-Track Your Success

You've worked tirelessly to get to this point. Let the Precision team take away the guesswork and fast-track your team. We can help you exceed production goals while producing world-class products. By selecting the appropriate cannabis extraction training packages to meet your technicians' needs, you can expedite your success in this fast-paced market.

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Cannabis Extraction Training

Select from the following available courses for extraction technicians.

Product Install & Basic Training

3 Days On-Site

Focus on extraction and post-processing basics, safe practices, and troubleshooting procedures.

Craft Concentrates Training

2 Days On-Site

Focus on making high-quality smokable concentrates by creating parameters unique to your specific product types.

Inline Color Remediation

1 Day On-Site

Setup and demonstration of our hydrocarbon-only inline color remediation chromatography apparatus.

Extract Product Engineering

Duration Varies, On & Off-Site

Development specialists will design, formulate, and implement a methodology to create unique concentrates for your brand.

Customized Training

Duration varies

Our technicians and product specialists can prepare a customized training to fit the specific needs of your team.

Operational Analysis

Whether the goal is to increase throughput or tighten up processes for increased operational efficiencies, let a Precision expert help take your business to the next level. With an on-site analysis, our experts can drastically impact your bottom-line.

Extraction Post-Processing Training

Select from the following available courses for cannabis extraction technicians.

Distillation Prep

1-3 Days On-Site

A precursor to our Distillation Course. Includes equipment install, plus methodology and techniques to prepare raw extracts.

Distillation Training

1-3 Days On-Site

In-depth, hands-on program focused on the fundamental distillation methods tailored to your specific apparatus.

Solvent Recovery Install & Training

2 Days On-Site

Specifically for our ASE 100 system. Includes installation finalization and hands-on operational training.

Filter Press Install
& Training

1 Day on-site

Specifically for our FP1 filtration system. Single day installation, componentry and process walk-thru for technicians.


3 days, on & off-site

Everything your extraction technicians need to begin purifying and isolating cannabinoids via crystallization.


Customized Training

duration varies

Our technicians and product specialists can prepare a customized training to fit the specific needs of your team.


Megan Archer

VP of Extraction at Ascend

"I spent some time with Kiersten and Rachel (Marichron/OH team) doing some hydrocarbon extraction last week and wanted to send you a quick note about their training. They really enjoyed learning from you and valued the training time you spent with them - they expressed this to me on several accounts during my visit. You helped them increase their level of comfort in the booth and I feel as though their extraction skills have advanced to the next level. They even learned some tips and tricks that will increase their overall efficiency in extraction. We were able to make some pretty good-looking extracts from cured material last week! Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your expertise, and I am looking forward to getting the next round of training on the schedule for MI." 

High Elevation Labs

“We have been cranking out golden distillate thanks to our 20 L short path distillation system from #LabSociety. Our team has been using this machine consistently for two years and it still runs like a dream! Take care of it and it will take care of you! Thank you again!”

Sebastion Pollack

Sr. Production Manufacturing Administrator, MariMed Inc.

“Training and team were awesome! They come, get it setup, and walk you through everything. It can be operated by techs of any skill levels.”

Gold Crown Extracts 

“We loved having you at our facility and thanks for creating reliable equipment.”